“Something fast has hit the track” – What are Mercedes AMG planning?

A number of images have been released by Mercedes AMG of something they have in the works. They are describing the upcoming car as ‘something fast’.


What this car will be is yet unknown, but based on the small amount of car we can see, it’s fairly certain that it won’t be a faster version of the AMG GT. Theories as it stands are that it could be a black edition of the C63 AMG Saloon, or perhaps a CoupĂ© version.

Mercedes-AMG-teaser-photos-1 (1)

What are your thoughts on what it could be? Perhaps even a new E63, or an update to the A45?

Mercedes-AMG-teaser-photos-5 Mercedes-AMG-teaser-photos-4 Mercedes-AMG-teaser-photos-2 Mercedes-AMG-teaser-photos-6

AMG earlier released this video teasing that ‘something fast is coming’, though it doesn’t really reveal anything.


2 thoughts on ““Something fast has hit the track” – What are Mercedes AMG planning?”

  1. Yes, this looks like a C or E class to me. It doesn’t look to fast, but the pundits at AMG have probably shoehorned something massive in there.


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